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9 Essential Questions to Ask Before Joining an Online Tuition Platform in Malaysia

If you’re considering signing up for an online tuition platform in Malaysia, it’s important to first do your due diligence and ask the right questions. To help, consider these nine essential questions before making a commitment.

#1 What are the instructor qualifications?

It’s essential to know the qualifications of each instructor teaching on the platform. Ask about their educational background, experience level, and any other relevant qualifications that ensure they have the knowledge to teach successfully. Also, find out if there are any special requirements for instructors – such as ongoing professional development or regular reviews.

#2 Does the platform offer a broad range of subject and course options?

Before you commit to using an online tuition platform, it’s important to make sure they offer a range of subject and course options. Your best option could be Empire Home Online Tuition. This can be especially useful for students who need more personalized tutoring that focuses on their specific learning needs. Ask about the topics covered, lesson duration, and any specialized courses offered. You should also find out if the platform is constantly updating their offerings or if they regularly introduce new courses.

#3 Do the instructors have a good track record in delivering successful results for their students?

Be sure to ask about the instructors' credentials as well as their success rate. Do they have experience with teaching students of all ages and levels of ability? Are they certified lecturers, teachers, or professionals in their respective fields? Also, enquire if their students have achieved satisfactory results from the tutoring provided. You should also be aware of any guarantees or promises made by the platform regarding student success and satisfaction.

#4 Are there any additional services that I can access as part of the course or platform?

It is important to enquire what additional services are available on the platform apart from the standard lessons. Does the tuition platform offer practice exams or mock tests for economic, accounting and other subjects? Does it provide mentoring or advice beyond the basic syllabus? Can students access online study materials such as flashcards, quizzes, and videos? Additionally, check if there are any opportunities for future internships or job placements offered by your online learning provider.

#5 How does the instructors get paid and what is their incentive to provide quality teaching?

Before you join an online tuition platform, make sure to ask about the payment system and structure for instructors. Are they paid hourly or per month? Is there any incentive in place that encourages quality teaching? If there is, what performance criteria do instructors need to achieve to unlock higher compensation? Understanding these details will give you a better idea of how invested your instructor is in providing effective learning and support.

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