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Local SPM Syllabus Online Tuition - International GCSE, IGCSE, A level (Cambridge and Edexcel), Pre-U, Foundation & IB Home & Online Tuition - Test Prep - School Homework Assistance - Home School & University Guidance - Worldwide Tuition (Malaysia, Singapore, UK, India and others)


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1. Don't know which tuition centres to choose?

Answer: We could help you to choose based on your needs. 

2. Don't know whether is reliable tuition center?

Answer: We have FREE trial with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

3. How much does it costs per month?

Answer: It depends on type of classes you're taking. 

4. What subjects you're offering?

Answer: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and add math. 

5. Is your 100% Money Back Guarantee true?

Answer: Yes, if students did not satisfy with our services, can request for 100% refund after first class.

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About Us

About Our Tuition

Empire Home Online Tuition

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students with a conducive and competitive learning environment where they can develop their understandings on topics, knowledge and skills in answering examination questions. We promote a culture of empathy and understanding on every student's issue and problems. We will help to succeed in every stage of their studies from SPM, IGCSE, Pre-U, A level or IB

Our History (Until 2023)

Empire Online Tuition provides superior online tuition services tailored to fit each student's individual needs. We believe that one-to-one tuition is the most effective way to improve performance and reach learning goals. Our professional tutors provide students with exciting lessons delivered through custom-tailored sessions, catering to different learning needs and goals.

Overall Performance : More than 90% of our students improve their examination score from 50-80%. 

Features: - Professional tutors for academic guidance - Tailored educational programs for optimal success - Flexible lesson plans customised to the student’s level and need - Personalised curriculum for every student Benefits: - Get your child ahead of the curve in their studies and help them perform better at school or college. - Develop confidence and build independent study skills. - Tips from experienced professionals on how to excel academically.

Our Tuiton Subject
Math and Geometry Tools

Our Tuition Subject

Online Tuition

We offer range of tuition subject among SPM, IGCSE, GCSE, IB & A level mainly in Malaysia, Singapore, UK, India and others. 

IB Home Online Tuition

  • Biology Tuition

  • Chemistry Tuition

  • Physics Tuition

  • Math Tuition

  • Add Math Tuition

  • Biology Tuition

  • Chemistry Tuition

  • Physics Tuition

  • Math Tuition

  • Add Math Tuition

  • Biology Tuition

  • Chemistry Tuition

  • Physics Tuition

  • Math Tuition

  • Biology Tuition

  • Chemistry Tuition

  • Physics Tuition

  • Math Tuition

All subjects are following the most updated syllabus.

10 reasons to take our online tuition classes

Online Tuition:
A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Your Academic Success

In today's fast-paced digital world, online tuition has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of education. It offers unparalleled flexibility, accessibility, and personalization, making it an attractive option for students and parents alike. This comprehensive guide will delve into the benefits of online tuition and provide valuable tips for choosing the right platform and tutor for you. Let's explore how online tuition can boost your academic success.

  1. The Rise of Online Tuition

Online tuition has been gaining traction in recent years due to rapid advancements in technology and increasing demand for accessible, personalized education. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic further fueled the shift towards online learning, with many students and tutors turning to digital platforms to continue their education. Online tuition bridges geographical barriers, caters to diverse learning needs, and often provides cost-effective solutions for academic support.

2. Benefits of Online Tuition

a. Flexibility: Online tuition allows students to learn at their own pace and schedule sessions according to their convenience. This flexibility makes it easier to balance academics with extracurricular activities and family commitments.

b. Personalized Learning: Online tutors can tailor their teaching methods to suit each student's unique learning style, ensuring that they receive the individual attention they need to excel academically.

c. Access to Expert Tutors: With online tuition, students have the opportunity to connect with expert tutors from around the world, gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

d. Cost-Effective: Online tuition can be more affordable than traditional in-person tutoring, as tutors often have lower overhead costs and can pass those savings on to students.

e. Comfort and Safety: Learning from the comfort and safety of home eliminates the need for travel, saving time and reducing stress for both students and parents.

3. How to Choose the Right Online Tuition Platform

a. Features and Functionality: Look for a platform that offers a user-friendly interface, high-quality video and audio, interactive whiteboards, file-sharing capabilities, and secure payment options.

b. Tutor Selection: Ensure that the platform has a rigorous vetting process for tutors, including background checks and qualifications verification. This will help you find highly skilled, trustworthy tutors for your needs.

c. Reviews and Testimonials: Browse through reviews and testimonials from other students and parents to gauge the platform's reputation and effectiveness.

d. Pricing and Payment Options: Compare the pricing and payment options offered by different platforms to find a solution that fits your budget.

4. Finding the Perfect Online Tutor @ Empire Online Tuition

a. Experience and Qualifications: Check the tutor's experience and qualifications, ensuring they are well-versed in the subject matter and have a proven track record of success.

b. Teaching Style: Look for a tutor with a teaching style that aligns with your learning preferences. This can be determined through an initial consultation or trial lesson.

c. Communication Skills: A good tutor should be an effective communicator, able to explain complex concepts in simple terms and adapt their approach based on the student's understanding.

d. Availability and Time Zone: Confirm that the tutor's availability and time zone align with your schedule to avoid potential scheduling conflicts.

5. Maximizing the Benefits of Online Tuition

a. Set Clear Goals: Establish specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals with your tutor to track your progress and stay motivated.

b. Be Prepared: Come to each session prepared with the necessary materials, questions, and a positive attitude to make the most of your time with your tutor.

c. Active Participation: Engage actively during the sessions, asking questions and seeking clarification when needed to enhance your understanding.

d. Consistent Practice: Reinforce what you learn during the sessions through consistent practice and self-study,

10 reasons to take our online tuition classes

10 Reasons to Take Our Tuition Classes During 2023

Do you find that in-person classes don't quite fit with your lifestyle and schedule? Online tuition classes provide a convenient way to keep learning outside of the traditional classroom. From flexible timing to one-on-one attention from an expert tutor, here are 10 reasons why you should sign up for an online tuition class today!

1. Accessibility – They’re available anytime and anywhere, making them easier to access no matter the location or time.

With online tuition classes, you never have to worry about making it to a certain place or time. You can participate in your learning journey from anywhere around the world with just an internet connection. This means that when something unexpected comes up, you can still learn and make progress - without having to rearrange your entire schedule or miss out on class altogether. You may always find a tuition centers near to your house. 

2. Variety – Students can choose from a wide range of topics and courses, giving them more choice for their learning experience.

With an online tuition class, there’s no need to limit yourself to what’s offered in your school or local area. You can search for courses all over the world, from a variety of different topics and skills. This gives you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing the learning experience that best suits you.

3. Cost savings – Online tuition classes are often much cheaper than traditional classroom courses or private tutoring sessions.

Online tuition classes can save you money in several ways. Classes are often cheaper than traditional classes due to lower overhead, such as rent and maintenance costs for a physical classroom. Additionally, since these courses are taken at home, there’s no need to pay for transportation or spend time commuting. Most online courses also offer discounts when you sign up for multiple courses at once, making them an even more cost-effective learning solution.

4. Self-paced Learning – Unlike classroom courses, online classes allow students to set their own pace when it comes to mastering new topics and ideas.

Online tuition classes provide flexible learning options and hope for those who have difficulty keeping up with the pace of a traditional classroom setting. Because online courses are self-paced, each student can take as much or as little time necessary to complete the course at their own speed. This creates a much more engaging learning experience as it empowers students to learn on their own terms.

5. Interactivity– There is often more interaction between the tutor and student with online classes as compared to traditional ones due to the multimedia nature of many web-based platforms.

During an online tuition class, students have the opportunity to interact with their tutors directly through chat and video. This creates an environment where tutors can share slides, videos, and additional visuals that help enhance the teaching process. Online tuition classes also allows students to present their ideas in a free-flowing manner rather than getting stuck with pre-determined topics or rigid classroom settings.

6. Personalized learning experience and tailored curriculum.

With online tuition classes, students have the freedom to create a personalized learning program tailored to their individual needs. Not only will they get the one-on-one support they need to succeed, they can also customize their curriculum to reach their specific goals more quickly and effectively. Plus, online tuition allows students to learn in small groups or even one-to-one with an instructor without having to leave the comfort of home.

7. Easily track your progress and stay on course.

Having the ability to monitor your progress as you go is essential to getting the most out of online tuition. Not only can you easily see how far you have come, tracking your progress helps to keep you focused and motivated. Online tuition classes provide a comprehensive overview of all the tasks students have completed so far, allowing them to easily identify areas where they need more guidance or assistance.

8. Get help from real tutors with virtual tutor-student sessions.

Online tuition classes come with the added benefit of one-on-one tutoring sessions with real tutors. With a virtual approach, students can access tutors from around the world who have experience and knowledge in the specific field they are studying. During live video or audio calls, learners can get their queries answered instantly, without compromising on quality or never having to wait around for an appointment.

9. Learn at your own pace and schedule tuition classes to fit in with busy lifestyles.

Online tuition classes make it easier for learners to fit their studies around work, family and other commitments. Working to a personalized schedule provides the opportunity for students to learn on their own terms. It is also possible to take breaks or pause learning if required and then resume at any time without having to wait for the next class session or miss out on some of the valuable content being taught.

10. Make use of recorded lectures and lessons to review material whenever you wish

Online tuition classes provide students with the benefit of being able to review material from lectures and lessons whenever they wish. Many programs record their sessions, allowing you to watch back or take notes at a time that suits you, rather than competing for the teacher’s attention during class. This can be very useful in understanding complex topics which may have been discussed during the lesson.

Stay ahead of your classes

Stay ahead of your classes 2023

Explore our classes, learning experience, discover your best study solutions. 


Up-To-Date Study Materials

Cover important topics with latest syllabus from SPM, IGCSE and A level. 


Expert teaching

Personalized teaching explanation to every problem you encounter


Simplified learning method for test prep

Get your examination or test well prepared with simplified learning and memorizing method. 

Pricing & Rates

Pricing & Rates 2023

Choose your level and your type of class (1-1 or grouping)

National Syllabus (SPM) Online Tuition

Form 4/Form 5

One-on-one -- From RM 80/hour

Grouping     --  From RM 50/hour

Above rate is based on ONE month

Another 10% monthly off if taking 3 months package

Another 20% monthly off if taking 6 months package

Cambridge IGCSE
Online Tuition

Year 10/11

One-on-one -- From RM 90/hour

Grouping     --  From RM 60/hour

Above rate is based on ONE month

Another 10% monthly off if taking 3 months package

Another 20% monthly off if taking 6 months package

Cambridge Pre-U/IB Tuition

A level /IB

One-on-one -- From RM 110/hour

Grouping     --  From RM 80/hour

Above rate is based on ONE month

Another 10% monthly off if taking 3 months package

Another 20% monthly off if taking 6 months package

Can Home Tuition Continue During the Pandemic 2023?

5 min Insights Read

Providing home tuition in light of the COVID-19 pandemic can be a tricky situation. However, with the right precautions and strategies, it is possible to continue home tuition while keeping your students safe and their learning on track. Read on for some tips on navigating this difficult situation.

1. Utilize Online Learning Solutions.

During the pandemic, it’s important to utilize a variety of online learning solutions to ensure your students continue to get the best education they can. Set up a virtual classroom with video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet, or try out online workbooks and apps that make learning fun and engaging. Take advantage of online educational resources from organizations and platforms such as Empire Home Online Tuition

2. Adhere to Social Distancing Protocols.

Even with virtual learning, it is important to still practice social distancing. Make sure that your students are aware of the guidelines on physical distancing, wearing masks and disposing their used materials to ensure their safety. Additionally, keep the number of students in each class limited to reduce the risk of transmission. Finally, abide by your state and local health guidelines when doing online classes or tuition.

3. Follow Guidelines Set by Local Government.

It is essential to follow local governmental guidelines on home tuition and remote learning during the pandemic. These guidelines can change depending on the region, so be sure to stay up to date on the protocols regarding classes in your area. Make sure that parents, students and tuition centers alike are aware of the precautions taken, such as regular sanitization, frequent online meetings rather than in-person ones and different modes of communication for both tutors and students.

4. Prepare for Virtual Lessons Properly.

If you are deciding to go virtual with your tuition classes, it is vital to come up with an effective virtual learning plan that addresses all the different needs of each student. Research online instruments and platforms like Google Classrooms, which are specifically designed for online learning in order to support interactive learning and collaboration between students. In addition, make sure to bring the lessons alive for each student with stimulating activities and educational resources that best fit their academic level.

5. Leverage Technology for Home Tuition Safety Checks.

It is also important to have reliable safety protocols in place when conducting home tuition sessions. Many tutors use tools such as video conferencing, which allows them to see their students and ensure they are in a safe environment. Connecting online also provides the tutor with the opportunity to observe their students’ reactions and better assess their mastery of subject matter. Additionally, using an online attendance system can make it easier to track student progress and generate reports for parents or supervisors upon request.

Comparing Home Tuition Rates in Malaysia (2023)

5 min Insights Read

Working with a home tutor can be an effective way for students to boost their grades and reach their academic goals. If you're in Malaysia, you may be wondering what the average tuition rate is for home tutors. In this guide, we'll cover the costs of tutoring in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang and beyond.

1. Research Home Tuition Providers and Rates.

The best way to compare home tuition rates in Malaysia is to research different providers. Note that not every teachers have same teaching technique and outcome. Look for tutors with good reviews, relevant experience and competitive prices. Contact multiple tutors to get a comprehensive overview of the rates they charge. You may find that rates vary depending on the tutor’s qualifications, experience, and location. Make sure you read up on the qualifications of each provider before committing to any lessons. PhD tutor rate can goes up to RM 350-400 per hour. 

2. Understand the Difference Between Public and Private Schools in Malaysia.

It’s important to understand the differences between the types of schools in Malaysia when comparing home tuition rates. Public schools typically have higher tuition fees, while private schools usually offer lower rates. This is because public educational facilities are primarily funded by the government, while private institutions must rely on tuition fees to cover costs. Depending on your budget, you may need to decide between enrolling with a public or private school if you’re looking for home tutoring services in Malaysia.

3. Understand the Cost of Living in Various Cities/Cities Around Malaysia.

Before diving into what type of institution you should choose for your home tuition needs, it’s important to first understand the cost of living in various cities around Malaysia. The cost of living varies a lot depending on the city or city you are looking at, so it’s important to compare prices accordingly. For example, Kuala Lumpur may have higher rates than Johor Bahru due to its larger population size and higher prices. Conversely, Penang may be cheaper due to its smaller size and lower cost of living. Once you’ve found a few cities that meet your budget needs, you can start comparing their respective home tuition rates and see which one is right for you.

4. Know Your Options for Home Tuition Services in Malaysia.

When choosing a home tuition service in Malaysia, it’s important to consider the various options available. Home tuition services generally fall into two categories—private tuition and group tuition. Private tuition can be one-on-one sessions between a tutor and student, whilst group tuition involves multiple tutors teaching together in order to make learning more affordable for parents. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each option before making your decision. For instance, private tutoring may cost slightly more due to its individualized approach but will also allow students to receive more personalized attention from the tutor. Group tuition typically costs less but may not provide as much one-on-one support as private tutoring does.

5. Compare Prices Across Multiple Locations in Malaysia.

When comparing home tuition fees in Malaysia, it is important to compare prices across different locations. The cost of living, the availability of tutors in a certain area and the number of students enrolled in a lesson can all impact tuition rates. It’s also important to consider additional costs such as travel expenses for out-of-town lessons, materials and books, test prep classes and any other additional services your teacher may provide. Knowing these figures will help you better understand your options and make an informed decision that fits within your budget.

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Jeevesh (Kajang)

Thank you Mr Gilbert! You were being so patient in teaching me through this short period of time. I have gotten a satisfactory results in my IGCSE Chemistry. 

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