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Empire Home Online Tuition Services-Malaysia
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Our Story

Empire Home Tuition was founded in year 2014, offers range of services assisting students to excel in school. Tutoring, homework assistance, test prep, and even university admissions counseling are provided. Our goal always is to provide every student with academic success. Until today, we had more than 75 students for both home tuition and online tuition. 

Our home tuition classes are designed to suit your schedule and lifestyle. You can choose to attend classes on weekdays, weekends, evenings or even during holidays. We offer flexible timings so that you can fit your lessons around your busy life.

Our home tutoring service helps students succeed in school. Our tutors provide individualized instruction based on each student's needs.

Empire Home Tuition is an innovative platform which allows parents to hire tutors to provide home tuition and online tuition services for their children. Parents are able to search through a list of qualified tutors who offer different levels of expertise and experience. They can then choose the tutor they think would be best suited to their child’s needs. Once selected, the parent can try out the tutor during a FREE trial class. The student receives a link (ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET) when the tutor has arrived and begins lessons. Live lessons are conducted so that both parties can assess the tutor performance during the class. If satisfied, students can also request a follow-up lesson if they wish.

Please check it out that we are offering multiple subjects. Feel free to check out our pricing plans. 

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