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Face-to-face (f2f) Tuition OR Online Tuition 2023?

Face-to-face (f2f) Tuition OR Online Tuition 2023?

Lots of parents or students argued on face-to-face tuition is better than online tuition. Online tuition is emerged rapidly due to the pandemic covid-19.

FAQ: Is online tuition is a new live trend for tuition industry?

Let's us break down some pros and cons for both f2f and online tuition. 

Online Tuition

  1. Convenience - allowing students to attend sessions in the comfort of their own homes eliminating the need for travel.

  2. More cost effective - they are generally offered at a lower price compared to attendance at a tuition centre.

  3. No restrictions – regardless of geographical location, students can easily access these sessions.

  1. There's still no substitution of human interactions for example, writing on screen. 

  2. Certain complex subjects are not so easy to be taught online.

  3. Online tuition are not at all suitable for young children, especially kindergarten students.

Online Class
Studying in Library
In Classroom

Face-to-face Tuition

  1. Students will benefit by more freely interacting with their peers and having open discussions.

  2. Face to face tuition makes it easier for students to bond with tutors.

  3. Assess their understanding through facial expressions and body language.

  4. Perfect for kindergarten or primary students. 

  1. Face-to-face tuition can be quite expensive.

  2. You will have to pay for your textbooks.

  3. Commuting.

  4. Scheduling.

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