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Home Tuition IGCSE Chemistry-Comprehensive Guide in Stoichiometry & Mole Concepts 2023

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Whether it's a revision for the IGCSE chemistry exam or you need extra help to tackle hard questions, our comprehensive home tuition series on stoichiometry and mole concepts has got you covered. With the help of certified tutors, get ready to master these crucial topics and excel in your course!

#1 Understand the Basic Concepts of Stoichiometry and Mole Concepts.

A thorough understanding of the basic concepts of stoichiometry and mole concepts is essential for success in your IGCSE chemistry exam. Our comprehensive home tuition series will help you develop a deep understanding of these important topics, as well as how to apply it to solve problems in the exam. Get expert tutorials on calculations involving chemical equations, molecular weights, molecular mass, and more.

#2 Learn How to Calculate Molar Masses, Mole Fractions and Percentages.

Our home tuition series on stoichiometry and mole concepts will teach you how to calculate molar masses, mole fractions and percentages. With the help of our certified tutors, you will gain a better understanding of the core concepts related to stoichiometry such as moles and its relationship with chemical equations, mass in grams or moles, and other related topics. Get tips on completing practice problems involving chemical reactions, molar ratios, and chemical analysis.

Mole = Mass(g) / Molar masses

Mole = Number of molecule / Avogadro constant

#3 Practice Solving Equations and Balancing Redox Reactions.

To succeed in the IGCSE chemistry exam, it is essential to be able to confidently solve equations and balance redox reactions. Our tutors will teach you how to identify oxidation numbers, calculate limiting reactants and excess reactants, and use the half-reaction method for balancing redox reactions. Get a head start on mastering these skills by working through practice problems step-by-step with our certified tutor’s help. For example,

#4 Get Tips on Exam Preparation and Time Management Strategies.

To help students gain a better understanding of how to approach the exam, our tutors will also provide tips on exam preparation and time management strategies. This includes information about writing out notes from past papers, creating a study plan tailored to your needs, and taking regular timed practice tests. As part of this home tuition series, our tutors will provide additional support in order for you to pass the IGCSE chemistry exam with flying colors!

#5 How To Find Volume of Gases Under RTP or STP.

Finding volume of gases under room temperate and pressure via multiplication of mole by 24 dm3. In contrary, in finding gas volume under standard temperature and pressure is through multiplication of 22.4 dm3.

#6 Train Your Critical Thinking Skills and Problem-Solving Skills by Applying the Theories Learned in Real-Life Scenarios.

Our certified tutors can help you bridge the gap between theory and day-to-day applications through real-life scenarios. You’ll learn how the concepts of stoichiometry and mole concepts are used in daily life, and even use them to solve problems in different contexts. This will provide an opportunity for you to hone your critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities while gaining an in-depth understanding of each topic covered.

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