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AS Math Chapter 1 Explained - A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Are you a beginner in A Level Math? This guide is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of the key concepts in Chapter 1, from understanding fractions and percentages to solving basic equations. Follow each step for an overview of what's included and learn essential math skills to help succeed in your studies.

#1 Basic Math Formulas and Concepts.

In AS Math Level 1, several basic formulas, equations and concepts must be known. These include understanding fractions, percentages and powers. They also include knowledge of divisibility rules, linear equations and quadratic forms as well as understanding the concepts of algebraic substitution and rearranging. Once you understand each concept deeply, you can start applying them correctly with confidence!

#2 Understand Algebraic Expressions.

Algebra is a fundamental tool used in Math Level 1. An algebraic expression is an extended phrase that involves at least one number, one operation and at least one variable. For example, "2x + 3 = 5" is a simple linear equation which contains two operations (addition and equality) and three objects (two numbers and the letter x). It's important to get familiar with algebraic expressions, because they will be used frequently when dealing with problems in Math Level 1.

#3 Learn the Basics of Linear Equations and Their Solutions.

Linear equations are a type of equation that involves two variables and makes a graph in the shape of a straight line. Learning how to solve linear equations is essential for any Mathematics Level 1 student. Examples of linear equations include "2x + 3 = 5", and solutions can be found through various techniques such as completing the square, graphing and substitution methods. Understanding linear equations and their solutions will help you succeed in Math Level 1!

#4 Determine Ratios, Percentages and Probabilities.

Ratios are used to compare two values and are written in fraction form such as a/b where a is part of the whole and b is the total. Percentages express a ratio as part of 100%. Probabilities indicate how likely something is to occur, expressed as a number between 0 (0% chance) and 1 (100% chance). Learning how to solve equations involving ratios, percentages and probabilities will help you excel in Math Level 1!

#5 Refine Your Mathematical Problem Solving Skills with Practice Exercises.

Practicing problem solving is a great way to refine your mathematical skills. Take the time to work through problems that involve ratios, percentages and probabilities by hand so you can understand and visualize how equations are formed and solved. This will not only help you become more comfortable working with mathematical problems, but it will also help you apply what you learned in class to real-world situations.

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